3 ways to build your toddler's water confidence

Swimming builds confidence. And confidence is key. Because with confidence comes self-belief. And the more we believe in ourselves, the more others believe in us too – and this helps us succeed and build wonderful relationships. And with anything, the earlier confidence is nurtured, the better!  

Our lessons are founded on giving your baby life confidence. But what happens when you can’t get in the pool? We’re here to help. Here are some ways you can carry nurturing their self-esteem, right from home! 


Tiny tasks 

It may seem like we’ve just put it in here so there’s an added benefit for you, but giving your little one tasks to do around the home can actually work wonders on their self-esteem. Contributing with a bit of dusting, tidying up their toys or sweeping the floor will make them feel important around the household and improve their sense of worth.  


Give them your undivided attention 

It might be hard now with everything that’s going on, but dedicating some focused time to your little one will really make them feel supported and able to tackle anything that comes their way. Give them lots of eye contact, accept their feelings and share yours too so they have the confidence to keep communicating.  


Challenge them 

Confidence can be gained by problem-solving. Why not give them a challenge and see what they come up with? Our very own Water Babies Will has created a boatload of videos, designed to get your little one’s creativity flourishing! 

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But really, the most important thing to do is just simply to give them opportunities to be independent, learn and make mistakes.