The Benefits of Starting Your Baby’s Swimming Journey Early

Is my baby too young to start swimming? It’s a question many parents ask, and understandably so. The idea of introducing your little one to the water can be intimidating. But fear not, because at Water Babies, we believe you are never too young to learn. In fact, our youngest Canadian swimmer took their first dip at just 6 days old – now, that’s truly amazing!

Addressing your concerns 

Feeling scared or nervous about your baby’s first swimming experience is entirely normal. We’ve all been there. We’re here to assure you that baby swimming is not only incredible but also comes with a myriad of physical, social, and emotional benefits for your little one. It’s an adventure you might regret not starting sooner! 

Should you require assistance or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local office. Our team is committed to ensuring you and your little one have the best experience possible.  

The Water Babies Experience 

We understand that your baby’s well-being is your top priority, and it’s ours too. At Water Babies your little one is at the heart of everything we do. We’ve committed ourselves to creating a secure and enjoyable environment for both parents and babies alike. 

Our teachers undergo extensive training to ensure that every lesson is not only fun but also safe for your child.  

Moreover, to ensure the comfort and safety of our littlest swimmers during their lessons, we adhere to specific temperature guidelines.  

  • Babies weighing under 12 lbs. and under 12 weeks old must swim in pools maintained at 32°C and above. 
  • Babies weighing over 12 lbs. and 12 weeks, up to 1 year old, can enjoy pools kept at 30° and above. 
  • Children over one year old and over can swim in pools at temperatures above 29°C. 

If the water temperature does not meet our standards or exceeds 35°C, we will cancel the lessons. This applies to any hazards or concerns that may pose risks to our swimmers and their families’ safety. 

The Magic of Baby Swimming 

Baby swimming is not just about having a great time; it’s about fostering our swimmers’ physical, social and emotional development.  

  • Physically, swimming enhances coordination, strength and stability in infants 
  • Socially, your baby gets to interact with others, promoting interpersonal skills from an early age 
  • Mentally, the stimulation of water play can contribute to their cognitive development  

If you’re interested in discovering more about the advantages of baby swimming, be sure to check out this blog post - 

Embracing The Journey 

Are you ready to embark on this aquatic adventure with your little one? If so, welcome to Water Babies! Our program is designed to be a memorable and rewarding experience for both you and your baby, filled with joy, learning and bonding. 


In conclusion, the answer to whether your baby is too young to start swimming is no!. The benefits far outweigh any initial concerns. At Water Babies, we’re not just teaching babies to swim; we’re teaching them a life skill, building a foundation for a lifetime of water confidence and creating lasting memories. We’re here to guide you through this incredible journey. So, are you ready to dive into this extraordinary journey with us? Join us at Water Babies – where the adventure begins!