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Ready to start swimming?

We'll teach your child to swim

We'll teach you to teach your little one to swim. From lesson one, we'll get your little one used to the sensation of the water, developing their natural instincts and transforming these into core aquatic skills.

By the end of our program, your little one will be swimming freely using different strokes and be able to keep themselves safe in and around the water.

And not only will they be able to swim independently and have learnt a skill for life - they will have grown in confidence too.

How our lessons work

Our lessons are intimate, with a maximum of 10 little ones, one carer per child and one of our teachers in the pool at any one time.

They're 30 minutes long and take place once a week, so it's a wonderful way to bond with your baby away from the craziness of life. 

Skills are taught through song, play and repetition, so there's never a dull moment when you're in the pool. 

Our teachers will tailor each lesson to your little one's ability, so it's only when they're ready that we're ready.

There’s many things to think about when it comes to attending your first swimming lesson! Ensuring you have everything you need in plenty of time will help to alleviate any last minute panicking. We’ve highlighted some key top tips below, but you can also read our blog on more advice on getting prepared for the pool.

  • Happy Nappy™ (or Splash Jammers™ for children over 2) – no other diaper will do. Happy Nappies and Splash Jammers are tested and approved, the only ones that can guarantee against leakages. You don't want to be the party pooper of your lesson (literally!). When you buy your Happy Nappy (or Jammers) from us, we'll check the fit in your first lesson. Just keep the tags on. That way we can swap it if the size isn't perfect. Check out our current stock at
  • reusable swim or disposable swim diaper, to go under your Happy Nappy or Splash Jammers, as the second part of our double diaper system.
  • Towels – one for your little one and one for you.
  • Changing mat – our Water Babies twinkle changing mat is perfect and means you can change your little one easily, wherever you are.
  • Warm hat – little heads get cold easily after swimming.
  • Swimwear for you – could be a little embarrassing otherwise! Many customers arrive to our lessons ‘beach ready’ so all they need to do is change their little ones when they get to their lessons.
  • Snacks and a drink for on the way home – swimming is great for building an appetite.

Underwater Photography Experience

There's nothing quite like seeing your little one swimming underwater. And we know time with them is precious, so having a snapshot of a skill that you and your little one have learnt together is something you'll want to keep for a lifetime.  

Our underwater photography captures that special moment where your little one shows off everything they've learnt so far in their lessons. 

Our photographers and equipment are world-class, so you can feel confident that you'll be taking home a beautifully crisp, high-resolution shot of your child, striking their best pose. These photoshoots are run a few times throughout the year and are an additional cost. Your teacher will always let you know when one is coming up so you can book on.  

So take home a unique keepsake. It's a chance to share your little one's progress with your friends and family too. 

A Digital Experience

You can now immerse yourself in your swimming experience with ‘My Water Babies.’ You’ll be able to keep up to date on your swimming journey with us on ‘My Water Babies’ – a personalised portal where you’ll see the skills your little one is learning in lessons, what Water Babies Treasures you’ll be collecting in your swimming adventure, and key information such as swimming dates.

Your Journey through Oceans of Imagination

As you progress through our magical Oceans of Imagination world, you’ll join our squad of swimming superheroes The Swimvincibles, visiting mystical islands to collect Water Babies Treasures and swimming awards. You’ll celebrate your success and highlight all your achievements in lessons with your classmates. Watch below to travel through your experience with us.

We love swimming

So friendly, my daughter loves swimming. I would recommend to anyone! So worth the money!

Amber Watkinson

Water Babies is FAB

My son and I have loved our water babies journey - it's great fun and teaches important skills not only swimming but how to be safe - and FLOAT!!

Trusted Customer

Loved every minute of Water Babies

Excellent customer service. All staff were a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend them.

Sarah Williams

Ready to start swimming?