Water safety is at the heart of what we do

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Key safety skills

There's nothing more important than knowing that your little one has the ability to keep themselves safe. That's why safety skills are at the heart of all that we do, and form a key part of every lesson. Right from day one, you and your baby will learn how to enter and exit the pool safely and together will learn techniques that could one day save a life. 

Throughout their lessons, your baby will develop the strength to hold on to the side of the pool and move across the wall. And when they're a toddler and getting ready to start jumping in, we teach them how to do it safely. 

By the end of their journey, your child will be able to independently swim to the side and climb out to safety, wherever they are.

You can be safe in the knowledge that your baby is in the best hands

There is currently no legislation specifically covering baby swimming. Surprising, right? It's scary to think that anyone can set-up a baby swim school, with little to no specialized experience or training. 

You can be safe in the knowledge that your baby couldn't be in better hands than with us. All of our teachers have gone through an intense training program, where only the best graduate. We're the only swim school in the world that can award our teachers with the highest official qualification in baby swimming.

We're fully insured, with lifeguards at every lesson and we're trained in safeguarding children. We've also built close bonds with the pools we hire, and even have the expertise to offer free consultancy to pool operators to make sure we're meeting the highest health and safety standards.  

Ready to start swimming?