Welcome To Oceans Of Imagination

Learning to swim has never been so immersive

Welcome To A World Of Swimagination

There are few things in life more important than teaching little ones how to swim. 

Oceans of Imagination puts children at the heart to give a lifelong love of swimming. The immersive program has been built around engaging characters and settings for little ones between 0–5-years old, to learn core aquatic skills, water safety and swimming strokes. 

Reward and recognition will incentivise children to learn and progress, as well as help them and their families gain a deep sense of pride in their swimming journey.

Our Water Babies world, Oceans of Imagination, is an immersive swimming experience where little ones learn a skill for life. You’ll be guided by our team of Swimvincibles, on your own, swimming adventure.

Ready to start swimming?

Meet The Swimvincibles

Introducing the Swimvincibles – a group of swimming superheroes on a mission to help children of all ages learn a skill for life. They’ve ventured from their magical islands to share their water confidence, swimming skills, and love of the water with babies, toddlers, and children through fun adventures and play. 

With their unique skill sets and distinct personalities, their stories inspire children to become Swimvincible. As they journey through the ‘Oceans of Imagination’ little ones will be guided by our team of Swimvincibles on their adventure, earning Water Babies Treasures and swimming awards along the way.

These Guardians of the Water World will guide your little one through their learning experience with Water Babies, unlocking new challenges as your child’s skills develop around core aquatic skills, swimming strokes, and water safety milestones. All while having lots of fun! So, which team will you be joining?

Team Pearl (our youngest starters)

Pearl is our youngest Swimvincible and keen to learn everything. For our littlest water babies, they’ll join Pearl’s team to learn through purposeful play, singing and repetition. We use supportive swim positions and activities to help your baby gain their confidence in the water from the get-go.

We'll help them kick their legs, while reaching for toys in the pool will encourage them to stretch out to develop their swimming arms. They'll start their first steps in aquatic breathing through activities like blowing bubbles and their first underwater swims

We'll also work on building their physical ability and strengthening their core. And at the heart of everything we do is safety. We'll teach your baby to hold on to the side of the pool and develop the strength to pull themselves out should they get into trouble. 

Click below to meet Pearl and discover more about what you’ll be learning in lessons.

Team Saffi (1-2 years old)

Saffi is our Water Safety Officer and is always shining a light on the importance of being safe in and around water at Lighthouse Lagoon. With her bustling energy, little ones aged around 1 to 2 years old will join her team to progress their swimming skills and learn new strokes.

They'll now start to use their arms and legs on their own and be able to travel small distances in the water by themselves. We'll use songs, games and activities to help them learn through guided play. Through group activities, our teachers will provide the environment to encourage interaction in the class, helping nurture your little one's social development. Here, your child will further their safety knowledge, and start to learn how to move across the side of the pool and climb out. 

Click below to learn more about all the skills you’ll learn with Saffi in her team.

Team Echo (2-3 years old)

Echo is our Head of Scientific Research, and will teach toddlers around 2 to 3 years of age all the physical, emotional and cognitive benefits swimming can bring. He’ll be on hand to educate and excite swimmers in his team to continue achieving their lesson outcomes. They'll now look to progress to swimming a few metres on both their front and back, with a little support.

Their aquatic breathing will now have developed, and they'll start to blow bubbles rhythmically. This is important in developing their front crawl technique, and we'll encourage them to start to roll to breathe when swimming short distances. We'll start to teach your little basic treading water. We'll theme our activities to help grow your little one's imaginations, using storytelling and helping them to communicate their emotions. 

Watch and see how you’ll progress your swimming skills and water confidence in Team Echo.

Team Sculli (3-4 years old)

Sculli is our Head of Core Aquatic Skills, who is always gliding around the Floating Forest, ready to educate new swimmers she meets. She’ll support children around 3 to 4 years old to refine their rotation, floating and breathing skills in lessons to grow their water confidence. Now your little one is really showing off their strength. They'll learn to push off from the wall on their front and back, working on streamlining their body position. They will also gain confidence to swim without trying to touch the floor or using any floats, and we'll develop their independence more so they're able to swim longer distances. 

They'll learn how to swim down to the pool floor and pick up an object, and will be able to sit and dive into the water independently and swim. We'll teach them how to perform a roly-poly in the water, that long-term could become a fancy tumble-turn!  

Click on the video below to explore everything you’ll achieve in with Sculli, as you get closer to becoming a Swimvincbile.

Team Finn (4-5 years old)

Finn is our Chief Swim Co-Ordinator, ready to teach our 4 to 5 year old water babies to be swimming superstars. Living on Cloudfish Cove, he’ll guide your child to all the remaining Water Babies Treasures and on through graduation to become a Swimvincible themselves!

In their final year of their Water Babies journey, your child's swimming ability will amaze you. And now, not only do we teach them to save themselves, but they'll also be learning to demonstrate how to help a friend in danger and follow pool safety rules. And you'll really see how far they've come (a push and glide and swim for around 10 metres on their front and back to be precise!). Those bubble dips in year one have now transformed into turning their head and rotating their body to breathe as they show off their swimming strokes. This is the year where it all comes together. 

Click below to see how your lessons with Finn will take you on your last leg of your Water Babies journey, developing independent swimming strokes, and collecting your remaining Water Babies Treasures.

Your Journey through Oceans of Imagination

As you progress through our magical Oceans of Imagination world with The Swimvincibles, you’ll visit mystical islands to collect Water Babies Treasures and swimming awards.

You’ll celebrate everything you’ve learnt and worked towards in lessons during ‘badge weeks,’ where you’ll visit Cloudfish Cove, Floating Forest, Lighthouse Lagoon to collect your badge, and celebrate your achievements with class mates, as you’ve all worked so hard on learning new swimming skills! Watch below to travel through your experience with us.

Explore Our Islands

We have four magical islands for your little one to discover – they cover a mix of core aquatic skills, swimming strokes and water safety milestones, created and defined with our Water Babies in mind. Each week with the help of our Swimvincibles your little one will learn key swimming skills to build their water confidence.

Cloudfish Cove is where swimming strokes rule and home to Finn where you'll perfect your swimming strokes. You'll visit Sculli on Floating Forest to practice your core aquatic skills. On Lighthouse Lagoon, alongside Saffi, you'll work on everything Water Safety. You'll also take a trip to Mystery Island where legend says this remote island can become whatever you want it to be.

So what are you waiting for? The adventure awaits…

Program FAQs

  • Our Water Babies world, Oceans of Imagination, is an immersive swimming experience where little ones learn a skill for life. You’ll be guided by our team of Swimvincibles, on your own, individual swimming adventure, tailored to your needs. Every water baby will join one of our swimming superheroes, The Swimvincibles, in their Team. They’ll work towards progressing key swimming skills and collecting Water Babies Treasures along the way, with their Swimvincible Team member leading the way. This includes everything from badges and stickers to certificates, highlighting your little one’s achievements as they travel through our program.

  • The Swimvincibles are a team of swimming superstars, who head up our swim Teams at Water Babies. They’ll inspire and guide your little one through their swimming journey with us. Starting with Pearl for our new baby classes through to Saffi, Echo, Sculli, and finally Finn, as you head for independent swimming!

  • A Team represents where your little one is in their swimming journey with Water Babies, with our littlest water babies starting with Team Pearl, and our big water babies swimming in Team Finn.

  • We’ll find you a class in the Team which is most appropriate to your child’s age and experience. All our new babies will join Team Pearl. But if you’re joining us with a toddler or pre-schooler, you could join in Team Saffi, Team Echo, Team Sculli, or even Team Finn. It’s about getting you settled with similar age class mates and skills which will be at the right development stage for your little water baby.

  • You’re a ‘Swimvincible in training’ from your very first lesson. There are five Swimvincible Teams in total across the 5 years of our program.

  • A massive sense of pride and an amazing Swimvincible cloth badge as a forever keepsake of your swimming journey with us.

  • Water Babies is the world’s leading baby and toddler swimming school, teaching over 40,000 little ones a week the lifesaving skill of learning to swim. Aimed at families of all shapes and sizes who want to give the children in their lives the best start in life, Water Babies takes each child on a journey of aquatic discovery, adventure and purposeful play. We advocate holistic learning through adventures tailored to every stage of development, prioritising child personal development, and nurturing every little mind, body and soul through swimming. We’ll support you and your little one’s unique swimming journey, helping to build water confidence and safety in a creative and imaginative way.

  • You can track all lesson progress, Treasures, Skills, and Awards in your personal ‘My Water Babies’ portal. If you’re in Team Pearl, skills will be marked off as they are taught through the first 40 weeks and are activated by attendance. As you progress through the higher Teams, from Saffi to Finn, your swimmers progress will be measured by their teacher against specific skills, which will be reflected in a progress bar on each skill in your ‘My Water Babies’ portal.

  • Mystery Island weeks are a chance to have extra fun and let imaginations run wild!  We have few sprinkled through the year as special events in class, with a chance to highlight some amazing and fun events (like Water Safety Week and other holidays).

  • Water Babies badges are awarded at special celebratory Island badge weeks planned into our swimming calendar. There are three spread out evenly throughout each swimming year, which are collected along with each Team Swimvincible badge.

  • Your My Water Babies portal will show you when a badge is approaching (and record when you have received it!), and your teacher will let you know when an Island week is approaching.

  • Each Water Babies Island badge relates to the skills you’ll have been learning and working towards in your lessons. The badge week will highlight and celebrate your little ones efforts, progression, and development as a class in one of three areas:  Strokes, Safety or Core Aquatics Skills.

  • Yes! If you joined after a specific badge week but would like to collect the badge to complete your set, you can purchase any missing from your local office.

  • The specific Team Swimvincible badge is awarded as you complete the Team and are ready to move onto the next one. This happens about once a year.

  • There are 20 Water Babies badges to collect across our whole program – 3 Island badges and a Swimvincible badge for each Team and 5 Teams in total to complete.

  • No! The Water Babies Treasures awarded to you, as you make your way through the Teams with the Swimvincibles, are all part of the journey. You are able to purchase any which may have been awarded prior to you joining us.

  • That’s no problem, these things happen. You will get a chance to learn new skills and catch up once you return to your lesson.

  • Your local office can give you advice on the next steps in your swimming journey.

  • We understand every child develops and learns at their own pace. Water Babies teachers are trained to teach what’s in front of them, and will work with you and your little one to help achieve skills in their own time. Not achieving a particular skill won’t affect your child’s ability to be rewarded for their individual progress and be awarded with their badges.

  • Water is a leveller, a place where everyone can flourish and have fun in a non-competitive environment. Swimming has a whole range of benefits for babies and toddlers with disabilities and learning difficulties, and at Water Babies, we welcome all little ones to swim with us. Our teachers are trained to teach every baby and toddler as an individual, and at their own pace. When booking on to your lesson, just speak to your local office about any additional support which might be needed for your little one to help them in their swimming journey. Your teacher will then be on hand to help you and provide you with this support in lessons.