3 water play activities you can do at home!

I’m sure you know that if there’s an opportunity for your little one to splash water at you, they’ll do it! While it may be super endearing at first (and then quickly annoying), water play is actually really good for their development!

That’s because water is sensory, and the fluidity of this natural substance provides loads of opportunities for learning.

And do you know what else is great about it? You can play with it indoors as well as outside too! So without further ado, here are 3 water-based activities you can do from home.

Float or sink?

Water allows new discoveries! While on a walk with your little one, pick up objects like leaves, sticks and pine-cones. Or if you’re at home, choose some waterproof items from around the house (it might be better if you do the choosing here). Using a bath tub or paddling pool, get them to guess whether they think they’ll float or sink. Here’s your time to shine and revisit everything you learnt at school. Explain how the principles of density, buoyancy and displacement are all deciding factors. And if you need a little help, this article here explains it all perfectly!

Toddler in the bath

Balloons in the bath!

If you don’t have a garden, don’t fret. You can have fun with water balloons in the bath! Fill up a load of colourful balloons with a bit of water and tie them in a knot. Your little one can have fun squishing them as they slip through their fingers,  discovering new textures and processing information through their senses.

Scooping water station

Getting your little one to scoop up water in different containers is great for their development. Not only is it really entertaining (wish we were as easily captivated), but getting them to use big, medium and little containers helps them discover how varying amounts of water are held, teaching them about capacity. Also include a funnel in the mix, as little ones will find this really exciting when they see the vortex it makes!

Again, a paddling pool, bath or even a plastic box will do for this activity. And it’s also a life skill (yes really!). You’re preparing them for when they can pour their own glass of juice, or even make you a cup of tea. We thought you’d like that one.  

With any water activity, make sure that you’re always present with your little one. It’s never safe to leave them unattended around water, even if the water is really shallow.

So there we have it. Three fun water play activities that not only heighten their senses and keep them entertained but help fine tune their motor skills too.