Explore Our Islands

We have four magical islands for the children to discover

Ready to start swimming?

Cloudfish Cove

The home of swimming strokes

This is where swimming strokes rule. Build on your skills to perfect your front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and even butterfly. Rumoured to be the home of the mythical Cloudfish, Cloudfish Cove is a magical place with the warmest, clearest water you’ve ever seen. Swim, don’t walk, if you want to get a glimpse of a fish that’s as elusive as it is beautiful. 

Floating Forest

Where you'll perfect your core aquatic skills.

If you want to nail your core aquatic skills, get yourself over to Floating Forest – an island of dense jungle. Grab a thick branch you can use as a pool noodle; the beautifully clear water is the perfect place to float face down, blow a few bubbles and stare at the colourful fish. Core aquatic skills are the building blocks of learning to swim. They’re the basic skills that children need in order to float in the water and start swimming.

Lighthouse Lagoon

Learn your water safety skills here

The jagged rocks that surround the Lagoon have claimed many a ship, that’s why WATER SAFETY is so important for those who call it home. Under the protection of the old lighthouse, you’ll find tons of floats as the children practice and build their skills.

Mystery Island

Just how adventurous are you feeling?

Miles from anywhere and shrouded in mist, legend says this remote island can become whatever you want it to be. Few have ever been there, but tales of its magical power still circulate – it becomes especially active when a special event or anniversary occurs. Just how adventurous are you feeling?