Our internal values

Our internal values

We’re all family. Respect and support every member

Families are usually full of many different personalities. Every single person that makes up the Water Babies family brings a unique quality. And that’s what makes our family so special. We share the good times and the bad. We laugh and cry together. And we’re always there to make a cup of coffee when somebody needs one. We’re all in this great journey together, and it’s our people that make great things happen.

Talk and listen. Progress is built on communication

We work better when we work together. We’re open to any idea, seek fresh perspectives and hear every single suggestion, however far-fetched they might seem. Everyone here at Water Babies has a voice, and we respect every one of them. Our voices are precious. Our voices teach, praise, question, support and celebrate. Our voices are the foundation of our success.

If it doesn’t help our customers, don’t do it

It’s pretty simple really. We’re here to make the world a better place, to support and nurture each and every baby that we welcome into the pool. Our customers are at the heart of what we do, driving every decision we make. If something won’t help them in some way or add value to their lives, then we move onto something else that will. A successful business is the result of customer happiness.

Nothing can ever be perfect, but everything can always be better

Everyone makes mistakes, it’s an unavoidable fact of life. But mistakes aren’t a bad thing. Quite the opposite, it’s these mistakes that make us better. We’re prepared to push the boundaries, with the willingness and enthusiasm to always strive for more. We can only learn from trying. And we can only improve from learning. Let’s face it, if everything was perfect, life would be a little boring right? 


Always keep your sense of humour. Don’t be an arse

Sometimes, things can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. And it’s because we truly care about what we do. But throughout the tricky times, we never scold one another, are rude or dismissive. We lift each other up with our words and actions. And if someone does momentarily forget their sense of humour, then you can officially call them out! Nice.

Celebrate the positive. We’re an awesome company with awesome people doing awesome things!

We help develop and nurture the next generations of our planet. We help save lives across the world. There are not many other companies that can say that! And every member of the Water Babies family help make that a reality. Day-to-day, whether we’ve opened a new franchise territory, or it’s someone’s birthday (even Dotty the dogs’) we share each and every achievement, big or small. And with cake. Always.