Preparing for your photo shoot

Before the big day 

Before the big day, your local office will provide you with all the information you need to know about the place, date and time of the photo shoot. 

Ahead of your photo shoot, your teacher will let you know if your baby is ready to attend and have their picture taken. This will be based on their progress with submersions in their lessons. If we believe your little one isn't quite ready, then your baby may not be able to attend the photo shoot. But don’t worry, your teacher will work with you to make sure your little one can attend a photo shoot a little later. It’s only when they’re ready that we are.  


How does it work?  

Your session will begin like any other lesson, but one by one our Dippers (the ones who take your little one under water for their picture) will call your baby’s name for their moment. They’re highly trained and attuned to the needs and mood of your baby. The safety and comfort of your baby is at the heart of everything we do. 

Once underwater, the photographer has a quick-as-a-flash time frame to capture three snaps of your baby. We try as best as we can to do a total of three submersions with your little one, so you have plenty of shots to choose from. As in lessons, we're always guided by them and will only ever take as many photos as they're comfortable with. We can never be sure just how many shots we will get of each little one. 

Once your session is finished and everyone has been snapped, you’ll then get changed and can head out.

In the following weeks, you will receive by email a link to your gallery where all the wonderful images we took of your little one can be downloaded from.