Meet The Swimvincibles

There's a new team in town

The Origin Story

Spending time hanging out in the deep channels that separate their island homes, Bubba the Whale made friends with a group of swimming superstars who lived on the land, but who explored, trained, and played in the crystal-clear waters. 

Summoning them together with one mighty whale-call, he gave them a mission that would really fire up their imaginations. 

Renaming them ‘The Swimvincibles’, he sent them on a journey to share their swimming skills and love of the water with babies and young children through fun adventures and play. 

Because Bubba wants every child to have the best start in life - he knows that swimming is a superpower… and superpowers need to be shared. 

Ready to start swimming?


Our Chief Swim Co-ordinator

A swimming superstar, Finn is passionate about children learning their strokes. A native of Cloudfish Cove, he left to help educate the next generation of great swimmers – because Finn knows how much fun life can be when you’re water confident. Although he’s great in the water, he can be quite clumsy on land and Saffi’s always on hand to make sure he’s driving the boat safely. His catchphrases include, “nothing’s swimpossible” and“Well done, that’s a real swimprovement”.


Our Water Safety Officer

A bustling bundle of energy, young Saffi prides herself on being able to spot a potential water hazard, even with her eyes closed! A native of Lighthouse Lagoon, she’s always shining a light on the importance of being safe in and around the water, and her commitment to dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’ is a source of good-natured amusement to the others. You'll always hear her say, “better safe than soggy”

Ready to start swimming?


Our Head of Core Aquatic Skills

A really positive spirit, when Sculli’s not thinking about how to improve children’s core aquatic skills she’s making things from the pieces of driftwood she’s found in and around Floating Forest, her island home. Always floating around looking for someone to help, she’s never happier than when she’s surrounded by nature. She's always motivating everyone by saying, “Push and glide, now smile with pride.”


Our Head of Scientific Research

Echo comes at swimming and water play from a purely scientific standpoint. Always one to pop up with an interesting fact; or a compelling stat, he was recruited to spread the word about how swimming has been shown to improve memory, cognitive function, immune response, and mood in children. On a mission to educate and excite, his favourite catchphrase is “the sooner you swim, the smarter you’ll be.”


The youngest of the group, Pearl is keen to learn everything and always moves at a million miles an hour – keeping the other swimvincibles on their toes. A huge fan of jumping overboard to swim with Bubba the whale by holding onto one of his fins, Pearl can be a real handful but is a true water baby. She’ll make friends with any water dwelling creature. She always says to her Water Babies friends “I’m flipping like a pancake”.