Elizabeth Paz

“My journey with Water Babies started when I joined my niece, Tatiana, at her first swim class when she was three months old! I fell in love with the program right then and there. After her first class, we were about to head home when I decided to go back inside to ask the meet and greeter if there was a job opening to become a teacher. I knew how to swim, but I didn’t have any aquatics background at the time. The meet and greeter turned out to be the franchise owner, and there was an opportunity! Since then, I’ve never looked back.

I’ve officially been a Water Babies teacher for almost two years now! I started by teaching two days a week and worked my way up to teaching 200 babies a week! I appreciate how the program is structured; from what we teach to how we teach it. Water Babies focuses on more than just baby swimming; it’s about lifesaving skills that are vital for safety. Knowing that I’m not only providing them with swimming lessons but also a lifesaving skill is an incredible feeling.

Being able to nurture the relationship and bond between the little one and their caregiver is incredibly rewarding. It’s such a special moment to be able to teach a class and watch the little ones trust, confidence and skills develop. As the teacher, being able to build relationships and trust with the swimmers and their caregivers is so important. The adults have to trust you to teach their little ones how to swim, and the little ones trust you to go into an unfamiliar environment like the pool for the first time. It’s still incredible for me to see what little ones are capable of in the water despite their age and size!

Water Babies has also taught me so much about myself. I never thought I would be able to come so far out of my comfort zone. I have more patience, I’m more extroverted, and I’m more comfortable and confident in myself and my abilities. I love watching students progress through the program and in life, and I never knew that Water Babies would also support my life journey!

Being a teacher has been an incredibly rewarding experience to date! In the future, I’d love to keep working and growing with Water Babies to become a mentor to support incoming new teachers with their training program. I love being able to support my team and help them grow in confidence. The best part about Water Babies is that there’s so much potential for growth, including possibly owning a franchise one day!”