Ragna Hoffman

“I heard about Water Babies from a friend of mine and right away I loved the idea of becoming a Water Babies teacher. I have always enjoyed working with children. I used to be a pediatric nurse in Germany, I work as a nanny here in Toronto and I also study Early Childhood Education – so I was naturally drawn to be a Water Babies teacher.

I have been a Water Babies teacher since January 2019, teaching mostly at our Downtown locations. I recently finished my training as a mentor for our teachers, which was such an incredible journey. I enjoy mentoring our amazing teachers as I get to see them teach and can also learn from them.

I love that Water Babies has high standards (in our training as teachers and in our lessons), that we take into account children’s development and that we have a focus on water safety as well – swimming is such an important life skill and I love that we get to teach it in such a fun and caring way.

It is incredible to watch the children develop into confident swimmers and to build up these relationships with them and their carers. I always get extremely proud whenever a child masters a particularly challenging skill – it is such a confidence booster for them.

I love the fact that my swimmers think I wear my teacher outfit even when I’m not teaching.”